5 Minute Warm Up for Beginners

You know, I know, everyone knows that warming up is important before a workout. But it doesn’t make it easier does it? Warming up feels like another workout on top of the one that you’re already about to do…

To make it easier for you guys, I have constructed a 5 minute warm up routine that anyone can do. It’s made up of basic (but effective) movements that will help get you pumped for what ever you’re doing next.

This routine consists of dynamic movements. It warms up the entire body so it’s good for beginners or if you’re doing a full body workout after this. If you’re looking for something more targeted, have a search at the top of the navigation bar, I’m sure I have a warm up that will get your muscles toasty!

We start off with a few exercises aimed at loosening up the joints (especially the hips, shoulders and ankles) and the muscles around it. Then as I turn the cardio knob up a little, your heart will start to pump harder and faster – you’ll love me for it!

Enjoy the warm up guys and happy working out!

Download the workout plan here:


10 Minute Ab Burner

Do you guys enjoy training abs? I love the idea of training them… until I have to do them! I just don’t find them as satisfying to do compared to legs or upper body. So that means I try to make my ab workouts as intense as possible in the shortest amount of time!

Below is my ab burner bodyweight workout that you can do at home without any equipment. It’s only 10 minutes and will guarantee a burn during the workout and after (especially when you rise out of bed the next day).

I have included two videos below – one with my audio coaching and one without (just music!).


No audio coaching:

With audio coaching:

Download the workout plan below to bring it anywhere with you:


Home Workout – Bodyweight Full Body

At the beginning of every year, I love to jump into my new year resolutions with a full body workout. There is something about working out ALL the muscles in your body at once. I like to think of it as getting my entire body ready and pumped for what is to come!

I love asking people who I come across during the holiday period what their fitness and non-fitness new year resolutions are. I enjoy hearing people talk about their goals, what they have achieved in the year, past struggles and especially the jokes they make about themselves about why they didn’t achieve their resolutions for the year. It makes me appreciate their character and brings about a level of insight into their qualities that makes them an individual. But also, I feel like the conversation might actually bring in some personal reflection for them some time later and may actually be the stepping stone. It has for me a few times!

I’m sharing with you guys a workout that I did today at home. It’s a full body, bodyweight routine and no equipment is needed. You can join me and kick-start your fitness journey for the new year at home right now! You don’t even have to join the gym or buy any equipment!

I have written up the exercise plan in a pdf document that you can download below so that you can quickly bring this workout up in the future if you want to do it again (i.e. tomorrow?) in the future.

Enjoy the workout everyone and I wish you a happy new year – embody your 2020!

Download the workout plan here: