Embody the life that you have always wanted.

Hi there, my name is Karen. Welcome to my blog! Embody is a website dedicated to bring you the highest quality content on health and fitness. I write about exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and lifestyle, along with curating programs, how-to guides and recipes for my readers.

My approach to a healthy, happy and successful life is through holistic living.

What is holistic living? It is a lifestyle aimed at having a healthy mind, body and soul. The focus is on everything that contributes to our lives, from the obvious things such as career, health, family and friends, to more subtle ones like mindset and behaviour. The way we balance and connect these seemingly individual components play a significant role in leading us to the life we desire.

Why do I think this? We all want a healthy, happy and successful life. We all want to achieve our dreams and goals. Yet we often focus on only one or two aspects of our lives that we wishfully think may give us the happiness or success that we desire (for example, work or study). The focus becomes so strong that we start to neglect the other aspects of our lives (health, family, mindfulness) that contribute equally or sometimes even more so, to our sense of wellbeing. This then not only prevents us from ever reaching our life goals but also prevents us from enjoying our achievements once we are at the top. This also leads me to my next point.

I like the word optimisation.

What about it? I associate success with optimisation. Every day, I strive to optimise my life through optimising my mind and my body. This means optimising my fitness, my diet, my sleep… essentially optimising my lifestyle so whatever I strive to do, my mind, body and I thrive at one hundred percent.

I truly believe that if you optimise your life, starting with your body and your mind, you can optimise anything, any avenue or pursuit you desire, any dreams and goals that you have, and succeed!

High quality content means well-researched information that is backed up by science.

I truly, sincerely mean high quality content from the bottom of my heart. When I initially entered the fitness industry to improve my own health, I struggled to find information that was well-researched and substantiated by science. Purely untrue information, marketing schemes and anecdotal tales from who knows where were all I saw. These were not only ineffective for my training, but could potentially be unsafe not only for me but for many other people too. This has made me passionate about reducing the misinformation out there and so I strive to create and share with you evidence-based information that has been thoroughly researched.

A little bit more about me.

I am a final year medical student (MBBS IV) and certified personal trainer from Australia. I am currently working towards attaining my fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine. I also aspire to become a sports medicine physician.

My passion for fitness has always been there since I was young, however, my reasons for the love affair has evolved over the years. In my early primary school years, I was the typical sporty kid who won lots of sporting events and became sports captain. I expected to carry this through to high school, but as I was the first generation child from a refugee family, academic performance was very much preferred over any sporting activities. So I became quite unfit, barely able to run 400 metres without feeling like chucking up my breakfast. I only started exercising again, funnily enough, during the peak of year 12 when I realised that it helped me deal with stress and clear my mind.

With the rise of social media, my fitness became more in vain. I was fixated on achieving a certain body type and the main driver was about looking good. This attitude resulted in me neglecting the other aspects of fitness, causing me to spiral into a constant cycle of dissatisfaction, body image and self-esteem issues.

All throughout my life, I have been quite skinny. My fast metabolism meant I could eat anything and not put on weight, which was quite the motivator to eat an insane amount of processed junk. Initially I couldn’t have cared less about that… my main driver for fitness was about looking good wasn’t it? However, my mindset changed when people started to associate my skinny-ness with me being actually fit and healthy. They assumed I led a healthy lifestyle, could run for miles and was strong. It was far from the truth – I was tired and stressed all the time, I didn’t sleep well and still couldn’t run for 400 metres without feeling nauseated! I wasn’t fit and healthy, I just didn’t feel good, I was unhappy. So I gradually changed my mindset and attitude towards fitness to become more holistic. This has led me to achieve my goals both inside and outside the fitness world and become happy and healthy; body, mind and soul-wise.

I also am a part-time academic tutor for high school students. I love teaching, there is something about empowering someone with knowledge and seeing them integrate it with their own personal attributes to create something that I could never have imagined myself. So I decided to combine my two passions in fitness and teaching with my background in medicine and science. I aim to empower people to embody a holistic and optimised life so that they can achieve anything that they desire.


The best way to learn new things is to learn from other people and to take in their experiences. My partner is someone who I learn new things from everyday. One of his many talents is learning new things and applying it to his practice (whether it be running, gymming or treating his patients)… really really really well. That’s how he’s been able to excel in his work as a doctor and fitness trainer as well as in sports such as soccer, table tennis and running.

My aim is to provide you with amazing content every second day, if not, every day. So my partner will be contributing as an author especially to articles on running and you’ll see his name pop-up here and there!

Here’s a little bit from him!

Dr. Philip Nguyen

Hi guys, Philip here.

I’m a medical doctor and certified personal trainer with special interests in sports and emergency medicine as well as strength and conditioning. I love learning and sharing the most efficient and effective ways to improve one’s fitness whilst preventing and minimising the risk of injuries.

My philosophy in health and fitness is that prevention is infinitely better than intervention. In today’s world of significant preventable illnesses this couldn’t ring more true. My goal is to provide you with the means to find your best health in the safest way possible.

With our content, I am hopeful that you will find the confidence to embody positive changes in your own life whilst concurrently inspiring others to do the same.